When you enter into the Joy of Aliveness Mastery Programme, you will receive 13 in-depth downloadable modules with over 60 hours of powerful life-changing content, taught by Alison Demarco. Once you download the individual Joy of Aliveness Mastery Program Modules, you can work at your own pace,without the pressure of any deadlines.
Included within the Joy of Aliveness Mastery Programme is an invitation to all students, no matter what level they are at, to join Alison at the bi-monthly teaching content and interaction Q & A webinar.
Completion of opt-in test papers for ongoing assessment to achieve accreditation in the Joy of Aliveness Mastery Program includes the option to apply for insurance and membership as a Joy and Aliveness Practitioner to the Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI)

You will learn how to apply tried, tested and proven strategies to identify the root essence, the very core of your being – your true nature. The nature you were born with before others put their thoughts, beliefs and conditioning onto you.

Everything in life is energy, learn how to tune into this energy, and learn how it’s language, will cut straight through any barriers, directly to the root and heart of the matter. Know and apply transformational structures to radically change your life.

Learn professionally designed skills and strategies to become more awake, focused and motivated, thus leading you to a more fulfilled, happy, and prosperous life.

Develop, enhance and create better personal and business relationships, by learning a simple yet massively effective facial personality recognition system, that unlocks and unblocks your core nature. Through the clarity of knowing yourself and others, you will develop balance, peace, and harmony, thus enabling you to lead a confident, stress-free, successful life.

Become aware of how your mind thinks, your habitual behaviour, conditioning, traits and mannerisms. By engaging in this process, you will experience less fear, less anxiety, and less low points in your life. Discover how to become emotionally detached, so you can observe, listen and hear the different communication modes people use. Study-specific communication models and use the information to create rapport with others. This will lead you to develop better, calmer, peaceful, successful relationships.

You will learn how to be able to make positively charged choices in an awakened state of consciousness so that you will live a joyous, successful life.

The way you live your everyday life – your outer world, is a reflection of how you think in your inner world. Understand and trust the process, break down the barriers of your limitations, harness the power within you and become the very best you can be.
Light up your life.



Self-realisation – Waking up to look for ‘something else’ or finding ‘something missing’ – discovering answers to your questions by moving from your limited view of the ‘self’ to an unlimited view of your ‘self’.

Self-actualisation – Taking your new ‘confident all-knowing self’ and expressing it, making it concrete in the world with experiences and results anew – leading to Success & Happiness.

Self-liberation – Being able to decide and act with your gut, heart, soul and mind in unison -freedom from emotional blockages, fear, obstacles, over-thinking or worry.


You will understand that you have everything that you need right now to make your life great – Right Now!

Joy from taking the brakes off – Feeling Empowered with the freedom from conflict by being in touch with the true self –
making and skyrocketing forward with clear decisions.

Putting your hands back on the steering wheel of your life –
Realizing the “I”, the driver of your actions, beliefs, habits, traits, conditioning, thinking and persona.

Re-experiencing the joy, confidence of getting in touch with the flow and natural process of life – it is there at your fingertips!

Raise your confidence, presence, authority, credibility and success, wealth and happiness will automatically follow.

Realizing the “I”, the driver of your actions, beliefs, habits, traits,
conditioning, thinking and persona.

Understanding self-awareness and trust in the process and experience the joy of living it.

Feeling the freedom from all conflict by being in touch with the true self.

Once on the Freedom ROAD, you will know how to live a successful, joyful life.  Love yourself as yourself as you are held within the core essential nature of you, the “I AM”.

Be kind to yourself, invest in yourself and implement a programme that combines the wisdom of ancient knowledge, philosophy and the core essence of life itself.

Invigorating your community with your new presence – alert, self-aware, engaging and influential.
– The Ability to Make A Powerful Difference if You Choose To –



The transformation of Self-Realisation

The transformation of Self-Actualisation

The transformation of Self-Liberation

Amplifying your love, compassion, success, happiness and joy

Clarity to feel the benefit of “Being in your element”

New wisdom to discern how to feel and live in the moment of pure happiness

Supporting and empowering people to be the best they can be through the clarity of deep self-realisation and awareness.

Clarity of self and freedom from emotional blockages for a brighter happier future.